Dear sir / madam,

Thanks for surfing Advanceth web site.  Advanceth is an innovative and fast growing company.  We have very strong professional knowledge and experience, and our staff member and partners are all brilliant.  We are experts and genius.  We believe that everything can be achieved if we insist.  Our business can be classified into 7 categories, including:

  1. Telecom Consultancy and Advanceth Advice
  2. Application Design and User Interface Idea Generation
  3. Self Maintained Web Sites
  4. IT and Telecom Training
  5. Auxiliary Education and Educational Research for Primary and Secondary Students in Hong Kong
  6. Project Management Consultancy, Advice and Training
  7. Computer Forensics Consultancy (coming)

Please feel free and enjoy surfing our web site.  Click Advanceth to see why we use this name as our company name.  Click Kenneth Lau's Biography to learn more about me.  Click Kenneth Lau's Resume for my resume.  Click purchase if you want to purchase our software.  Click Advanceth sample web site if you want to look at it.  For any query, please send email to


Yours faithfully,

Kenneth Lau

C Eng  MIET  M.Sc.(Distinction)  B.Sc.(Eng.)(1st Honour)