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3. Self Maintained Web Site

Advanceth develop web site for customers.  However, unlike other companies, we develop web site that can be modified and changed by customers themselves.  The customers may be experienced web programmers or layman to computing.  With the knowledge of just able to edit word documents, they will be trained up to perform small to medium modification to the web site.

The web site developed by us will be separated into fixed and changeable components.  Changeable components can be changed by customer themselves after some training by Advanceth.  Fixed components need to be modified by Advanceth.  Advanceth will try to maximize the changeable components and minimize the fixed components.  This service is particular useful to SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) who has no IT staff but need to update their web sites frequency.

Click here to look at one example of our web site.  It is in Chinese.  Please note that the content may be outdated and we have removed the database from the demonstration.

Best regards,

Kenneth Lau