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1. Telecom Consultancy and Advice

Many of our staff have 20 years of experience in telecommunication.  We provide different kinds of Telecom Consultancy services, including feasibility study, design, development, implementation, services development, operation and support.  We are specialized in mobile, GPRS, 3G, GSM, SDH, call center, broadband, telephony, LAN, WAN, ATM, VoIP, Video on IP, telecom power, and electrical and mechanical facilities for telecom.  If you need a reliable and knowledgeable support to your telecom business, please don't hesitate to contact us at  From time to time, Advanceth will provide Advanceth Advice (AA) to Government and large corporations.

Besides, in 1996, with the help from William Mar, I have the chance to be the first person in the world to implement commercial Chinese Short MessageIn 2005, in China, short message volume exceeded 300 billion and continuously growing very quickly.  The impact is extremely large.  Should you have interest to know more about it, please contact me at kenneth at advanceth dot com.

In 1997, I was the Project Manager to create a GSM1800 mobile network covering Hong Kong and put it into commercial operation.  The network was later merged with SmarTone GSM900 network in harmony, and the dual mode network formed was eventually evoluted to the current SmarTone network in Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) of People Republic of China.  I have invaluable experience on building such network.  Should you have interest to know more, please contact me at kenneth at advanceth dot com.

If you are interested in highly mission critical HKSAR Fire Service Department call center, fully digitalization of Hong Kong telephone network, centralized line test system for 3 million telephone lines, HKSAR Immigration Department E-Channel, Hong Kong 7-digit to 8-digit telephone numbering change and Infrared Fever Scanning System against SARS, you can also contact me also.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Best regards,

Kenneth Lau