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5. Auxiliary Education and Educational Research for Primary and Secondary Students in Hong Kong

When I was in Primary 4 (age 10), my results in class was very poor.  I failed in many examinations, some examinations even got 0 marks and I needed to repeat Primary 4.  After that there was 180o change.  I became a top student and it continues up to now.  Why?

I may know the reason behind and hope that it can be replicated to other students and that is why I add Auxiliary Education Services to the business of Advanceth.  It is a service that can only be provided in Hong Kong.  It is similar to other tuition training but we spend more effort on improving the learning ability and initiative of the student instead of just teaching the subjects.  We treat it as a research in that the results of the training after employing a new training method will be analyzed and the training adjusted and the process repeat and repeat until we get optimum results.  A tuition school will be formed later with other partners and we will recruit students.  Finding will be reapplied to other students and target to have all students improved.

Best regards,

Kenneth Lau