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Why Named Advanceth?

Consider you have an empty bag.  You put in the first ball to your bag, then you have one ball.  You put in the second ball to your bag, then you have two balls.  You put in the third ball to your bag, then you have three balls.  You put in the nth ball to your bag, then you have n balls.  Similarly, if you put Advanceth company to your group of companies, you have Advance companies.  Advanceth is the catalyst to make you corporation advanced.

Ten other reasons:

  1. Domain name is available:  Anyway, it is unlikely to be occupied as advanceth is not a dictionary word.
  2. Advanceth start with advance.  It is good.
  3. One word is better than 2 words.  For e.g., if the company name is Advance Technology, I have to say "www dot advance technology dot com stick together" to teach you how to enter my site.  Now, I just ask you to the key in
  4. Start with ad means that it will be queued up high in sorted company name list.  On top of the list.
  5. I like A.  And I score many A in my past.
  6. Left and right balance.  Two high letters "Ad" on the left and two high letters "th" on the right.  5 low letters "vance" in the middle.  Middle letter "n" is left right symmetric.
  7. Advanceth is not a dictionary word, so it does not impose pre-defined meaning to my company.
  8. "ceth" if rearrange will become "tech".  A good word.  As a matter of fact, somebody think that my company name is Advan Tech.  In fact, they flip "cet" unconsciously.
  9. The name is not too long.  Compare "" with ""
  10. Easy to remember.  Advance add th.


Difficult to pronounce.  I previously pronounced it as advan-si-fu and later advan-cell.  But most people pronounce it as advan-siii.  So, I decided to call it advan-siii.

We are now thinking out the name of our Auxiliary Education and Educational Research Business.  If you have any idea, please don't hesitate to inform us at

Best regards,

Kenneth Lau