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Group Files Rename is an easy to use tool to perform renaming of a group of files.  Sometimes, you need to rename a group of files which may be 10 files, 100 files or even 1000 files.  Without Group Files Rename, you need to rename the files one by one which is a very tedious job and waste your precious time.  With Group Files Rename, it can be done in a minute time.  The price of Group Files Rename is just US$9.95.

The operation of Group Files Rename is simple.  First is select you folder, then add a filter (for e.g. *.*), then select the renaming method, press the Preview button and then press the Execute button.

There are 15 renaming methods covering most of you need.  For each of the method, there is an example helping you to fill in.  Renaming methods include:


1. Replace word

2. Replace specified characters

3. Replace last characters

4. Replace extension

5. Insert word

6. Insert word at the end

7. Delete specified characters

8. Delete characters at the end

9. Truncate filename

10. Convert to upper case

11. Convert to lower case

12. Add date

13. Add date to the end

14. Add serial number

15. Add serial number to the end



Group Files Rename is written in, so you need to install .Net Framework before you can use it.  Click here to download .Net Framework 1.1 from Microsoft.

To download trial version Group File Rename, please click here.  Trial version Group Files Rename can use for 30 days only, and can maximum rename 10 files at a time.


To have unlimited usage, please purchase Group Files Rename full version.  It just costs US$9.95.  To purchase, please click the buy now button below.

For enquiry, please email to